When I started podcasting I was in luck because I already owned most of the equipment required to produce a great sounding show.  That is because a couple of years prior I decided to invest in some great recording gear so that I could save money long-term from creating multiple albums with my band.

I’m going to provide a list of the gear here for you to check out.  If you decide to buy this gear for yourself I will earn a commission for the recommendation at no extra cost to you.  So, if you do decide to buy something through these links allow me to say thank you in advance.

Roland R-05

What I love about this device is its size.  It’s small.  I can fit it in my pocket when I need to.  It has a Line In port, a mic port, and a port for headphones.  The best part in my opinion is that if you connect this device to your mixer and take the sound out of the mixer and run a line to the Line In port then you’ll end up with great sound!  That’s really all you need.  However, if you don’t yet own a mixer, the Roland R-05 has condenser microphones built-in and this is great for picking up the room for rehearsals and concerts.

The only con is that the Roland R-05 does not have an XLR input.  So, you will have to decide how important that is to you.  If having the XLR input is important to you then consider trying the Zoom H4n.

The Roland R-05 that I bought came with a 2GB SD card but I found this link on Amazon that will give you an 8GB SD card along with a tripod and cables.

Here you go:

Roland R-05 Digital Audio Field Recorder Bundle with 8gb SD Card, Tripod, and additional audio cables

Shure Beta 57A

This is one of the best microphones that anyone can own.  It is a versatile professional microphone which can be used to record vocals, a horn section, or even a drum set.  I have used it to record my trumpet for various work but I also use it to podcast!  It simply sounds great! If you also will use this microphone for singing or speaking don’t forget you pop filter because it makes things sound professional. Some people recommend other microphones that cost hundreds of dollars which is cool.  Honestly, I’m not sure that in a “blind” test I would be able to tell the difference between their $300 microphone and my Shure Beta 57A that’s just over $100.  Keep in mind that the Shure Beta 57A is a dynamic microphone which simply means that it doesn’t pick up a lot of background noise.  This is a good thing.  If you do want ambient sound consider a condenser microphone.

Alto Mixer

There is an ongoing debate on topic software vs hardware and which is better.  They both have their advantages and disadvantages.  I use both but honestly have to say that I prefer the hardware.  In my opinion it’s easier to use, learn, and you don’t have to worry about anything crashing because it’s hardware.

I use a small mixer made by a company called Alto.  The model that I have is old and is not made anymore (as far as I know).  However, there is an equal model known as the Alto Professional ZMX862 which is a 6-channel mixer with 12 inputs and 2 buses.  I like to go small whenever possible but if this is too small for your needs there are a plethora of options for you.

It’s important to note that this Alto mixer is straight old school and does NOT connect to the computer via USB or Firewire.  My other recommendation below does, however.

Steinberg MR816x

I perform with a septet on occasion and for that I reason I decided to buy something a little bigger.  Someone recommended the Steingberg MR816x to me.  I bought it and still use it today.

Now, this device does connect to the computer via Firewire cable.

There are many cool features about this device and I’m not gonna write about all of them here.  But I will tell you that it comes with Cubase Software (so you don’t have to spend extra cash on software unless you really want to).  This device works as an interface AND a stand alone mixer!  It has two functions!

The Steinberg MR816x has 8 inputs!  Another cool thing that I like about it is that if you decide to expand in the future to 16 or 24 channels you can simply buy another MR816x and stack them, literally.

After all of that, yes, the sound quality is great!  Which, is thee most important thing.

Miscellaneous Gear

Don’t forget this stuff!  Sometimes people overlook these things but please, don’t you make the same mistake I did.  These things add up so plan for them also.

  • microphone cables
  • microphone stands
  • external hard drive


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