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The Most Important Thing for a DIY Musician

We talk about how to build a loyal fan base for your music career and how to keep the relationship going for a very long time.  Listen to this one episode of Behind The Note Podcast if you are not able to listen to any other!


Our featured guest is the perfect person to learn from because he has experience and wisdom.  He is probably best known as Taylor Swift’s first manager, because he helped build her career initially, but he is also social media consultant to major music companies, solo artists,  and is dedicated to teaching and serving the DIY Musician.


Our Featured Guest is Rick Barker


Rick Barker really does some incredible teaching in this episode.  He teaches us how to really connect with people that care to know about the music we create.  It’s about having a continuous conversation and really for the first time, Rick shows us what that looks like.


Use These Past Episodes As Reference

John Oszajca taught us how to get the attention of the people, in Episode 7,  and in this episode Rick Barker teaches us what to say to keep their attention and develop a lasting relationship.


Chad McCoullough taught us “How To Choose A Record Label,” in Episode 33.  Today, Rick Barker teaches us how to become attractive to a record label so that they may seek you out or at least are open to working with you.


What Do We Talk About In This Episode?

Today, we talk about how Rick took an idea and made it reality while at the same time solving a problem for many people.


What Facebook Groups should really be used for if you’re a musician.


When you are really ready for a manager and which manager is best for you.


Advice For a Successful Music Career



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