The Background

In December 2012 my life changed because I discovered podcasts through an iPhone that I just purchased.  The first ever episode I listened to was The Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn.  He interviewed Steve Nixon who just happens to be a jazz musician.  That’s why I listened to that episode first; because, I too am a jazz musician.

Today I host my own show!

What Is This and Who Is It For?

BehindTheNote Podcast is a show aimed to Educate, Inspire, Motivate, and Empower!  This show is for musicians.  It is my hope that you feel comfortable enough to come here to get Advice For A Successful Music Career.

When May I Listen To The Podcast?

You may listen to the podcast three times per week from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet, or computer whenever you like because podcast are on demand.  The podcast will be live early April 2014.

Why did I decide to create this show?

I graduated college with a performance degree that really was not helpful in getting me many jobs.  I guess you could say that I was smacked in the face with reality.

I wanted to be a performer, not just a performer, but a professional!  I wanted to earn the majority of my income from performing and other work that stemmed directly from my performances.

I desired to be respected as  professional musician and taken seriously by others that don’t understand what it takes to be a musician.

I created Behind The Note Podcast because there are people that are full-time musicians and they don’t do anything else!  There are also those that have full-time job in a field totally unrelated to music but it is their desire to quit their job and perform or teach or write.  They desire to do anything musical so that they may be truly happy.  I wanted to bridge the gap.  I believe that people should help one another.

So I wanted to create this podcast as a reference for people with the same desires that I have.  For the present.  For the future.

Who Will Be On The Show?

While I have many experiences of my own to pull from and share with you, I realize that I do not have all of the answers.  This is why I will interview other musicians from around the world to share their experiences, wisdom, and advice.  Some of these musicians will be famous musicians that you may have heard of and are familiar with.  However, I will also interview people that you have never heard of in your life! I want to do this to prove that “everyday people” can make a way in the music business too.

It’s a different world now.  As musicians, we don’t have to rely on large record labels to decided if we are successful or not (whatever successful means to you).  That is totally up to us!  So, let’s discover together what we need to do to have the music career that we have always dreamed about.

Press Play.