The Blog

This blog is primarily for musicians and for people that want to learn how to be musicians.

I’ll teach basic concepts from multiple angles and help you master your instrument in a shorter time frame than if you did not practice these basic concepts.

Many times people will see a great performance and not understand the diligent work required for that great performance to take place. For example, consider watching the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, or The Masters. The people that perform at these events are masters at what they do; and, they arrive at that point by doing some basic fundamental practices on a consistent basis. The thing is, often times basic fundamental practices are not publicized on a large scale because the work is not glamorous but is more important than the work done at the championship performance itself. It’s the work done behind the scenes that is most important.

This is why I call this blog Behind The Note. We are going to deal with the small yet important fundamentals that are not so glamorous but are required to perform at a high level. We are going to deal with the behind the scenes work required for a great public performance.

I’ll teach you some basic music theory and some advanced music theory. I’ll teach you what I know about music business so that hopefully your own career will prosper. We’ll also deal with your mindset because this is the most important thing. Everything begins with a single thought. And so, we must master our thinking.

I’m an experienced musician, so I will primarily teach these concepts from a musicians perspective but all of the principles still apply to daily life no matter where we live or our area of expertise.

I hope that you find this information valuable, useful, and good enough to share with friends in an effort to help everyone!

Happy reading and I look forward to interacting with you!

Chris Davis