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​Who Is Jeff Schneider?

Jeff Schneider wants to share with you everything he knows about making music. His greatest fear is dying before uploading to the internet all of the things he’s learned over the past 20 years.

I originally found Jeff on YouTube! He is an excellent musician with extraordinary saxophone and piano chops as well as a dedicated teacher.

Jeff is very good at describing what would usually be considered musically complex and for that reason he has a nice following on YouTube.

Some things stood out immediately about Jeff.

First of all, he was a great player of the saxophone! The quality of the video and audio were top notch. Finally, his lessons were quality also.  All of these things are imperative to having a great channel with people that actually pat attention to what you’re creating.
I quickly noticed a few things about what Jeff was doing. Jeff was posting videos very frequently to YouTube.
This is important if you want to build any type of an audience. And to me it appeared like this was important to Jeff.
Jeff is also giving away free PDF files of things that people needed to practice. And, he was also offering private lessons.
Private lessons!
I am not sure if the whole purpose of the YouTube videos was to build a private lesson studio but if it was, what a great idea!
This is an excellent form of advertisement!
I mean, we get to see exactly the way Jeff teaches and immediately decide if his style of communication resonates with us.

In this episode

Jeff and I talking about his YouTube strategy.  Jeff also shares with us how he is able to write music for major companies such as Google, CNN and other similar companies.

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