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Kabir Sehgal Executive Producer

Kabir Sehgal is a Renaissance man. He has written books that have climbed to the top of the New York Times best-selling list as well as the Wall Street Journal best-selling list.

He has won a Grammy Award for his role as a producer and has produced 14 incredible musical albums overall.

The Professional and the Musician

Kabir is not a professional musician although he is a professional of a different type. Today, Kabir works as a professional in the financial industry and is a leader among his peers.

He played music through his college career and decided then to go in a different direction. His love for music is still strong and so he has decided to support the arts by helping musicians with their projects as a producer.

It was this line of work and this type of thinking that led Kabir to team up with Ted Nash for this project called the presidential suite.

The Presidential Suite

Ted Nash decided to transcribe some popular speeches given by leaders of the world. He then took the transcriptions and arranged big band music around it.
In 2014 the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra performed The presidential suite. The music was amazing! Ted decided that he did not want the fruit of his many months of work to be complete after just one performance and so he decided to record The Presidential Suite in the studio.
Once Kabir discovered this he offered to help Ted in anyway needed and so the two teamed up for this project.



Results of the Mastermind

I am personally excited for this project for many reasons.
For starters, it is simply great music! I am also excited to see and hear the results of what happens when Masters get together and work toward one cause.


In This Episode

Kabir and I talk about many things including how he was able to put together such a great team of people for this project. We also talk about what he looks for before he agrees to join a project. We also talk about how he is able to repeatedly reach the New York times and Wall Street journal best selling list and we connect this directly selling music.